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How long does it take make bone broth in the Cave Kettle?

It takes a minimum of an hour, but overnight is recommended for maximum protein and nutrient extraction.


Is it safe to leave the house with the Kettle Cave on?

The Kettle Cave has a high-quality tempertature and pressure sensor that will put the machine into rest mode if broth gets too hot or to prevent spill-over. The Cave Kettle can be left unattended for up to 24 hours


Does the Cave Kettle only work with beef bones?

The Cave Kettle works with all types of bones (lamb, chicken, pork, beef and fish).


Can I get an international power adaptor for the Cave Kettle? 

The Cave Kettle is available in 110V and 220V with US / AU / EU / UK plugs


Will the bones and veggies get stuck?

The Cave Kettle has special motor that is programmed to mix various types of bones. Bones can come in different sizes and shapes, so we programmed the propeller to stop or slow down until blockage is cleared. 


Does the Cave Kettle come in white?

The final color will be matte black and orange, as in the prototype image.