Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Once our ancestral caveman’s favorite. Bone Broth is the superfood that's making a comeback. Bone broth is being touted by the likes of Tim Ferriss, Kobe Bryant, and Dave Asprey because of its numerous health benefits and nutritional properties.

Bone broth is nutrient-rich in vitamins and minerals. Historically known to settle the stomach and nerves in Eastern culture, bone broth is becoming a staple food for those that follow the Bulletproof, Slow-carb, or Paleo diets because of the numerous benefits of the minimalist meal. 

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This zero-carb meal is versatile for breakfast, lunch, or a post-workout supplement. By slow cooking the bones, you are able to make a superfood that has over 19 amino acids; including the key BCAA's needed to rebuild muscles. Collagen, important for your skin and connective tissue, is hard to extract from most foods, but bone broth is loaded with it! 

Use the Cave Kettle to make pure bone broth that ACTUALLY contains vitamins and minerals with NO chemicals or preservatives.


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